Stay with me by Ayobami Adebayo

screenshot_2018-06-04-10-32-08-1150140182.pngWhen a yellow lady with red lipstick sits

comfortably in the sitting room of Yejide and
Akins’ house, Yejide knows that this is the
beginning of betrayal. How long has Akin been
keeping things from her and can she brace
herself for the ultimate form of betrayal?

Being a sucker for love, the title grabbed my attention. It sounds so docile,like a plea to an unrequited love or a song from a mother to her new born baby.

Book title: Stay with me
Author: Ayobami Adebayo
Publisher: Canongate Books
Chapters: 42
Publishing date: 2017
Genre: Fiction, Novel, African Literature
Pages: 223
This book may be fiction but I’m sure it
captures most people’s realities in Nigeria.
Yejide is cheated, as far as I am concerned, she
is unfairly treated and taken for a fool by
someone who claims to love her. This book
makes me question the feasibility of real love
in a country like Nigeria.
I sympathise with her the most because she
chose to be naive in all aspects of her marriage.
As a young lady, she exhibited much fire and
bravery, a no-nonsense woman, but life has a
way of taking the heart out of every lion.
Born to be alone in this world, she faces the
female rivalry in her father’s house and
decides to reject the idea of polygamy in her
future home. Sadly, life stages and ironic play
as it deals her a game of cards that she cannot
Akin is a conniving coward and does not react
sensibly to most situations. The scene where he
accuses Yejide of cheating and the other
instance where he beats Dotun to pulp shows
how confused and weak he truly is; don’t get
me started on what happened to Fumi. He has
no courage to stand up for himself or his wife
against a family that doesn’t really care about
his wellbeing, leading to a sad end to such a
fairytale beginning.
I loved the plot, one scene was perfectly
intertwined with the next and we saw a good
picture of Yejide and Akin’s past and present. I
love how the writer gives us the opportunity to
predict a future. Does Yejide go back to Akin or
not? I believe she won’t because he does not
deserve her.
I’m in awe of how she was able to describe
pseudocyesis so well. She not only put us
through Yejide’s emotional roller coaster, but
also educated us on signs and symptoms of
false pregnancy and how it is related to mental
health. I just have to give it to her😁
The multi-faceted nature of this story, from the
marriage to Dotun’s scandal to the period of
separation to the reunion of mother and
daughter, makes it page-turning story. You
won’t want to put the book down, something is
always happening to the characters.
My favourite character is surprisingly Akin
Ajayi. He portrays the human condition; how
we still mess up despite our best intentions. He
is confused and misguided leading him to a
lonely life, a life of regret.
I rate it a 4/5 stars(⭐⭐⭐⭐). It is truly

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